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How much water jet cutting machine?

The price of water jet cutting machine, expensive and cheap the difference in what?
As everyone knows, a set of NC cutting machine (referred to as "water jet) is composed of three parts: ultra high pressure water jet generator (high pressure pump), NC platform, jet cutting head.
1 ultra high pressure water jet generator (high pressure pump)
As a main power source, is a common hydraulic motor driven turbocharger technology scheme of high pressure water jet. The ordinary tap water pressure to a few hundred to a few hundred MPa (1MPa approximately equal to 10bar), through the beam nozzle injection, with a high kinetic energy.
2 CNC machining platform
Mainly in the NC cutting plane plate. Cutting platform selection of rolling linear guide and ball screw as the transmission, accurate X and Y axis to separate movement or two axis precision control in the NC program and control the motor, drives the cutting head to achieve a straight line and arbitrary curve cutting.
3 jet cutting head
High pressure pump can only be achieved through the beam nozzle cutting function. Nozzle aperture size, determines the level of pressure and flow size. At the same time, also has the effect of shaped nozzle. Jet cutting head has two basic forms: one is to complete the pure water cutting, one is to complete the cutting with abrasive. An abrasive cutting head is formed on the basis of a pure water cutting head, and an abrasive mixing chamber and a hard nozzle.
In terms of sales of waterjet cutting machines, domestic water brand price difference, why would cause the price gap, CXS water jet analysis as follows:
1 R & D expenses, compared to the ordinary domestic water processing plant, water brands have their own R & D team, such as the CXS jet enterprises not only have a strong R & D team, and also Chinese Academy of Engineering Lu Bingheng build workstation, strengthening R & D team, holding the banner as leader in the development of production work, and small processing plants no specific part of the development process, completely copied, not only in the process, still can not meet the requirements of mechanical parts.
2, the core parts, CXS parts procurement in water, strictly control the high voltage generator, the core components and the United States high brand Haibao signed cooperation, its quality and production advantages of domestic small factories was imported parts, domestic production life of up to several times.
3, high input customer service service, the purchase is not a one-time sale of water jet, water jet in the work process, encounter technology, production process, repair parts, machine failure and other problems, which require manufacturers to provide timely and thoughtful service, and small manufacturers take into account the cost, costs are often dragged away, with no customer service service on.
Therefore, consulting water jet cutting machine price, not only consider the price, we need to consider the comprehensive strength, water jet parts manufacturers customer service configuration, service and so on many elements, finally, wish the majority of the industry buy desirableproducts from the owner, the eight party Jinbao, four to fortune!
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