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Water cutting is currently the only internationally recognized ideal method of cutting

Water cutting has many advantages. It is widely recognized that ultra-high pressure water jet cutting is a new kind of cold cutting process. Compared with other cutting methods, the biggest feature is the high energy jet of non-heat source to process, and there is no heat process in cutting. There is no thermal effect on the cutting surface of all materials, so almost all metal and non-metallic materials can be cut, especially materials that are difficult or impossible to process in various thermal cutting methods, and it can show its unparalleled advantages.
1) Due to the cooling effect of water, the temperature of the cut workpiece is very small, and the temperature in the cut hole(including the cut surface) is lower than 60 °C. There is no thermal deformation and thermal impact area, so the material and performance of the cut material will not be changed.
2) The quality of the incision is high, there is no Burr, hanging slag, vertical, flat, and smooth. And there is no tearing or strain hardening phenomenon, thin metal plate cutting edge does not appear to roll phenomenon.
3) The width of the incision is small, and the width of the slit is about 0.5-1mm. The sound combination in the sleeve cutting is conducive to improving the material utilization rate.
4) Do not produce toxic gases and dust that are harmful to human health, etc., and are particularly suitable for asbestos, wool fabrics and various fibre synthetic materials.
5) The processing of flammable and explosive materials, such as nuclear materials, offshore oil drilling and oil extraction platforms, oil refineries, large oil, gas storage tank areas and oil and gas transportation pipelines, can be safely cut in areas where open fire operations are strictly prohibited. In particular, with the application of carbon fiber, glass fiber, Honeycomb structural composites and other fields in aerospace and new energy, traditional cutting methods such as flame, laser, and plasma can not be completed. Water cutting is currently the only internationally recognized ideal cutting method.


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