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The processing principle of stone waterjet parquet

Modern decoration has high demand for art tile mosaic, tile mosaic pattern is rich, Chinese and Western style patterns are high-end atmosphere, stone mosaic processing is mainly made by waterjet cutting machine, and many different stones are cut by waterjet cutting machine, and then according to The idea of the existing design drawings is imported through the CAD drawing, the water knife is cut, and the group is assembled into a stone mosaic with a certain graphic effect.

Stone water knife parquet processing principle and exquisite case appreciation
The principle of stone waterjet parquet processing is: using computer-aided drafting software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) to make people

The designed pattern is converted into an NC program by CAD, and then the NC program is transferred to the CNC water cutting machine, and then selected according to the design requirements.

Various natural stone materials are cut into independent graphic components by CNC water cutting machine. Then manually splicing and repairing each stone pattern part

And bonded into a whole, and finally polished and polished, thus completing the processing of the entire waterjet parquet.

Stone water knife parquet is a technical way, the processing technology is more difficult, requires fine, accurate, seamless, and has the effect of heaven and man.

Mainly relying on machinery and equipment, as well as design capabilities and technical personnel to digest the drawings. Talents who can draw pictures and can open waterjets are very popular in stone.

The stone mosaic is actually relatively simple, and the simple pattern can be processed and produced by hand. Complex patterns generally have to pass waterjet

Machining, but the waterjet processing also has limitations. The stone mosaic inlaid on the arc plate will have certain difficulty. Now the market has a five-axis waterjet cutting machine to solve this problem.

Impervious, this kind of stone mosaic can not be processed with water knife machine, the bottom plate can be processed by computer processing center, but it must also be auxiliary

The stone parts are inlaid with a waterjet machine. It is also useful to machine the bottom plate with a sandblasting machine. Of course, the inlaid parts are not necessarily stone, but

So gems, glass, shells, metals, etc.

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