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Factors affecting the development of the waterjet industry

According to the latest data, the profit of China's waterjet cutting machine industry continues to decline. Many small water knife factories have closed down, and large waterjet cutting machine factories have also reduced profits to varying degrees. Various preferential marketing policies have been introduced to stimulate consumption and maintain production. At the same time, there are still emerging manufacturing companies entering the industry, but there is no substantial breakthrough in technology. This undoubtedly aggravated the market competition of the entire waterjet industry, and there was a phenomenon of big price and brand war.
    The water cutting machine industry is a fragile industry, which is vulnerable to factors such as cost, market and exchange rate. At the same time, it is a highly competitive industry. A company may be eliminated in the competition with a little carelessness.
In the waterjet market, domestic waterjets are mostly low-end products, and high-end products are less involved, mostly occupied by foreign products. This is undoubtedly the fundamental reason why China's CNC waterjet industry is difficult to get out of the trough, to get rid of this situation. Must move toward high-end products. The reason for this phenomenon in the waterjet industry is that the entire industry is unable to make high-end products due to technical problems. Continuous competition and production can only be carried out in low- and medium-end products. In the end, due to too many manufacturers, there is a certain degree of overcapacity, and everyone's technology is similar, and there is no decisive advantage. Therefore, product homogeneity is too much. To change this situation, we can only work hard in manufacturing technology, improve the quality of products, and use the quality to occupy the market. After all, domestic manufacturers are now paying more attention to a brand's products.


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