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Buy waterjets to refer to these standards

Waterjet is a processing tool. The standard of good tools is: one must be efficient, the second is durable, the failure rate is low, and the third is low cost.

The first step: see the cutting efficiency. Cutting efficiency includes cut quality and cutting speed. One of the features of waterjet cutting is that the lower the cutting speed, the higher the quality of the cut. Take the same piece of material to several waterjet manufacturers to try to cut, and then compare: the same cutting quality, who cuts fast; the same cutting speed, who's cutting quality is high. The minimum requirement for cutting is to cut the material. Cutting speed is a very reliable comparison indicator.

Step 2: Compare durability. The failure of the water jet is mainly in the high pressure system. The performance of each waterjet manufacturer is so clear. The quality of high-pressure cylinders, accumulators, high-pressure plungers, one-way valve plugs, high-pressure seals, check valves, etc. directly determines the failure rate of waterjets. The longer the life of these parts, the better.

The third step: compare maintenance and maintenance costs. At present, there is no standard for waterjets, and the interchangeability of components is very low. Moreover, the high pressure components of the water jet have a limited service life. Therefore, when buying a waterjet, you must not only look at the price of the whole machine, but also the price of the accessories. Not only must we look at the unit price, but we must also carefully calculate the combined use cost in combination with the service life.


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