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can Waterjet cut tempered glass?

can Waterjet cut tempered glass?

Two days before a friend consult xu premium knife: home, both inside and outside layer of door of guard against theft that posted toughened glass. Feel permeability is bad now, want the upper part of the toughened glass is cut off, I don't know how to cut?

Toughened glass with high impact strength (4 ~ 5 times higher than ordinary plate glass), large bending strength (5 times higher than ordinary flat glass), thermal stability and bright and clean, transparent and can be cut, etc. When meet super shock damage, debris scattered with tiny granule, no sharp edges, therefore, also known as safety glass.

Production process of toughened glass has two kinds: one kind is ordinary flat glass or float glass under certain technological conditions, the quenching method or air cooling quenching method processing. Another kind is the common plate glass or float glass by ion exchange method, the glass surface composition change, to form a compressive stress layer on the surface of glass processing. The ordinary annealed glass cut into required size first, and then heated to close to softening point and then rapid cooling uniformity and toughened glass.

Toughened glass surface after processing forming uniform compressive stress, while the internal formation of tensile stress, to improve the bending and impact strength of the glass. Because of toughened glass internal tensile stress exists, when impacted by external force is first prestressed offset, so the strength of toughened glass is 4 ~ 5 times of common glass, also known as tempered glass, glass cutter can not glass cutting intensity is so high, if you use other tools to cut or hole, when you reach a certain mechanical strength strength, will destroy the prestress level of toughened glass, toughened glass is broken

If you need to cutting and drilling and other processing of glass, you must use the same specification of the common glass processing, cutting, drilling or edge horn processing, after the machining process, such as players on the semi-finished glass processing, after the treatment was produced after cutting and after players deal with the finished product. More details, please login xu premium knife's official website:


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