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High quality waterjet discriminant criteria

About how to choose the high quality of the water knife cutting machine, need to think in terms of what, xu premium knife for your detailed explain buy water knife cutting machine need to be considered:

In the field of water knife is for cutting the commonly used machining tools, but is good not to calculate by the manufacturer, the key still have from the aspects such as efficiency, failure rate and cost analysis. That the service life of the high pressure components of water knife with what kind of relationship? What is the quality standards of water knife?

Water knife quality or not, to judge from three aspects, on the one hand is the cutting efficiency, including the incision quality and cutting speed. In general, the lower the cutting speed, water knife incision of the higher quality. On the other hand is water knife durability, also is the failure rate is lower, the higher water knife durable degree. And configuration of the device in water knife, such as high pressure cylinder, accumulator, high-pressure plunger, a one-way valve plug, high-pressure sealing, the stand or fall of check valve and other parts, will directly affect the water knife of high and low failure rate.

And on the other hand is water knife cutting costs, also including the cost of maintenance, maintenance, have to consume. Due to the current standards of water knife without a pass, so the interchangeability of spare parts is very low, so the choose and buy water knife after the meeting, will also take into consideration of the accessories price.


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