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Function and Performance of Water Cutting Machine

With the development of the modern machining industry, the quality and precision of metal sheet cutting have been improved from time to time; Yes, highly intelligent.
The function of water cutting is also increasing. The development of water cutting is bound to meet the needs of modern machining industry.
According to the application status of several kinds of water cutting, the function and performance of water cutting machine have been compared and improved. Especially based on industrial control.
The presentation of the domestic operating system of the computer, the application of the automatic conversion software of the graphic cutting code, and its unique excellent cutting of medium-thickness plates
Potential and low cost processing capital, CNC cutting machine in a certain period of time will be the main force of plate cutting.
The water cutting produced by the Xusheng water knife has a wide range of cutting(cutting all conductive metal materials), cutting speed and high working efficiency.
Other characteristics. However, there is a lack of cutting of medium thickness plate. The direction of future development lies in the progress of plasma power supply technology, numerical control system and
Power supply problem. The development of precision water cutting technology can effectively improve the working efficiency and cutting quality.
The water cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, precision and good cutting quality. The lag of high capital and localization is to limit CNC laser cutting
Cutting machine development bottleneck. Laser cutting technology is a new and high technology that the state supports and promotes the application.
Use to bring about opportunities. When the state plans for medium-and long-term development, it also lists laser cutting as a key supporting technology. It touches
National security, national defense establishment, industrialization of high and new technologies and development of the frontier of science and technology. The improvement of water cutting machine manufacturing has great business opportunities.
The water cutter is suitable for cutting any data(metal, non-metal, composite data); High cutting accuracy, no thermal deformation, yes
Compared to the cutting method of environmental protection. The extremely high cost of consumption and the delayed water jet technology severely limit its application. But the water cutter will

It is the direction of development of CNC cutting machine.


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