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The development history of waterjet

In recent years, "CNC super high pressure water cutting machine"--(also known as waterjet) has gradually entered a rapid growth period with the maturity of the product and the expansion of its application surface, relying on a large-scale CNC platform with higher precision and higher power. Higher pressure high pressure systems, five-axis, six-axis control systems, slope and self-correcting cutting, water cutting and tooling combined with new technology applications extend the range of water cutting technology to a wider range of metals and non-metals ( And food) processing and industrial manufacturing. The combination of cutting and machining, from cutting and cutting to processing semi-finished products and finished parts, improves processing efficiency and value, making it easy to solve the problem of cutting and processing of multi-variable, large and complex structural and difficult-to-machine materials.

Ultra High Pressure Water Cutting - Cold Cutting New Technology Water cutting is a cold cutting technology based on ultra high pressure water jet applications. Compared with thermal cutting (such as flame, plasma, laser, etc.), the "waterjet" can cut almost all materials from soft to hard, especially in metals with a thickness of 20mm or more, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, honeycomb structure and composite. In the molding process of materials, it has become an internationally recognized ideal processing method for zui.

Water cutting technology has been widely used in the processing of steel, copper and aluminum, glass, ceramics, cemented carbide, plastic, man-made fiber, cloth, paper, composite materials, etc., and can be directly made into structural parts or welded parts, thus The water cutting system has become a new manufacturing equipment for aerospace, military, rail transit, shipbuilding, automobile, engineering machinery, light industry, chemical, energy, construction and other industries.

At present, the status quo and trend of development at home and abroad began in the 1960s. The United States, Germany, Japan, Russia, etc. did not hesitate to invest heavily in the research and development of ultra-high pressure generating systems and injection systems until the 1990s. The ultra-high pressure water cutting system was gradually commercialized. Internationally representative companies include FLOW, KMT, and OMAX. Currently, Zui's high cutting pressure can reach 600 MPa. China has carried out research on ultra-high pressure water cutting technology for nearly 40 years. At present, the general operating pressure of domestic commercial water cutting equipment is generally around 220MPa-400MPa. There are dozens of products in the general-purpose numerical control ultra-high pressure water cutting machine. In the preparation of the "CNC water cutting machine" national standard, its product level has reached the international advanced level. At the same time, intelligent products such as five-axis linkage water cutting machine, robot water cutting machine, large-scale CNC water-cutting machine tool and water-cutting processing center have also rapidly popularized and expanded the application fields of ultra-high pressure water cutting technology in China.

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