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Waterjet production and processing of advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of water knife cutting mainly reflects in:

1. Only water and natural abrasive cutting medium, cutting process does not produce other substances, is clean cutting technology of environmental protection.

2. The water is cold knife cutting, the cutting does not produce heat effect, not deformation, hang slag, ablation, will not change the physical and chemical properties of materials.

3. After cutting, cutting surface is neat and smooth, similar to the effect after sandblasting, won't make was cut in the process of cutting the object has any damage, can have many cutting tools can't realize the cutting operation. For easy quenched materials such as tool steel, or high melting point materials such as molybdenum, tungsten, etc. Can also be processed.

4, cutting scope is wide, strong commonality, almost all materials can be cut. Including metals, plastics, glass and ceramics, and does not limit the thickness.

5. Small slot, plus cooling cutting characteristics, can improve material utilization. Tiny burrs, almost no burrs is the greatest characteristic of water knife cutting. Parts often can be used directly.

6, programming quickly: the program is mainly generated by CAD drawing software, you can casually in the layout design diagram, or input from other software generated in DXF file, in addition, the machine support third-party software, such as nesting nesting typesetting software (for the full graphics in the workpiece, can minimize the workpiece loss).

7, horizontal and vertical force produced tiny: can reduce the cost of setting time and use clamp fixture.

8 and fast programming: can put the other software to generate the program loading machine, it can from established CAD tool path, and can put the accurate positioning of the cutting tools and cutting speed in more than 2000 points per inch (800 HP/cm) calculated, you need to do is specify the material you want to cut and thickness of to the machines to complete other work.

9, have no limit of cutting direction: to complete a variety of different cutting shape.

10, combined with other equipment, can undertake operating respectively: water cutting machine and other processing equipment equipping (such as drilling head), make full use of its performance, the optimization of material utilization degree.

11, reducing frequency of adjustment: the artifacts only need a small lateral pressure can be fixed well, reduce the complex of entrainment to trouble.

12, with the same kind of machine can complete the drilling and cutting function: can reduce process time and cutting costs.

13, have no limit of cutting direction: to complete a variety of different cutting shape

14, one can complete cutting and has the good trimming quality of artifacts: reduces the process time and cost.

15, according to the difference of the design and the workpiece material to make the adjustment of the elastic, can shorten the time from order to finished product output, increase the capacity.

16, do not produce poisonous gas, can provide a better working environment for operators

Water knife cutting has the disadvantage:

1. Cutting carbon steel plate is easy to rust, effect the beauty of the product.

2. Maintenance cost is high;

3, to the production environment pollution;

4. The cost is high, need a lot of water and sediment;


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