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How waterjet cutting punches holes in glass

The waterjet cutting glass is a cold cutting. The waterjet can cut the arc and sharp corners. It can cut any complicated pattern on the plane, and it is full CNC, high efficiency and good quality. It is generally used on the process glass. Moreover, the opening is not required when cutting, and the hole can be punched. The cut surface is ideal. Cut the glass with a water knife. The normal water knife pressure is 260-280MPA. If the pressure is too high, it will cut the glass and cause chipping. The cutting speed is selected according to the cutting surface. Generally, the cutting surface is the optimum speed. In the glass cutting process, the inlet can not be the edge of the glass, try to feed from the outside of the glass. After smoothing, cut to the edge of the glass, and if you still can't use the manual edger, throw it away.
    When we use waterjet to cut holes or other shapes, the size of the glass is not large, but we can only cut one piece of glass at a time. The time spent on the upper and lower sheets is much more than the actual processing time. Is there any way? How many pieces are processed at one time to shorten the auxiliary time? This problem can be solved as follows: If the glass is not large, you can do 2-4 workstations on your work surface when doing CAD drawings, that is, your machine is 4000X2000, your product only needs 1500X1000 space, then You can make 4 processing drawings at a time, and put 4 pieces of glass at the same time (the glass corners are uniform, the size is the same), and the stoppers are made so that the glass is aligned (the electronic eye is closed), so that the machine is processing the back glass. You can carry out the upper and lower films, but there is a safe operation on the back. It is best to install a cable emergency stop switch on the countertop.
    When the waterjet is cut, there may be a place where the chipping may occur. 1. The edge of the original film may have a chipping phenomenon. 2. The four sides of the original film may have a beveling phenomenon, which affects the product diagonal.
    Solution: 1 Correctly obtain the exact size of the product read by the device. 2 Reduce the angle of the waterjet cutting head. 3, when smashing, first crack the crack, then do not part of the hand knife into small pieces, gradually open, do not try to remove the complete scrap, it does not mean much. 4, when rubbing the edge, the force should be downward and outward (relative to the knife mark).


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