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Waterjet cutting for the consumption of sand pipes

Waterjet cutting is very powerful. The waterjet mold is an "L" type "tubular" object. The water will impact the wall of the L-bend during the process of turning through the L-shaped bend, resulting in loss of the mold. The water knife does not wear and can be explained by the viscous phenomenon. Due to the viscous force, the water flow rate increases with the distance from the pipe wall. Therefore, although the water jet has a large flow speed, the inner wall of the water jet wears and Nothing serious. Secondly, the friction of the waterjet is mainly from the sand inside, and the coefficient of viscous force of sand and water is larger, so that the sand is more easily driven by water, thus achieving greater speed and higher speed water. In the center of the pipe, so sand does not generally touch the pipe wall, so wear and tear is minimized.
    Another question is: When the water column is shot, does the exit give him the strength to make it appear faster, and then the strength increases? The water jet outlet pressure of the water jet is above 50 MPa, which is equivalent to the pressure generated by placing 5 kg of objects on an area of 1 square millimeter. Under such a large pressure, the supersonic water flow suddenly slams into the material to be processed, and its speed will drop rapidly, and the pressure will suddenly increase, and it will suddenly become huge. The impact force causes brittle fracture on the extremely small area of the processed part, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting the workpiece. If a grinding material such as silica is added to the water, the cutting ability of the water jet will be multiplied, and the processing effect is significantly better than cutting the workpiece with a metal cutter. It is possible to machine complex profiles that cannot be machined with metal tools and parts that are cut along any curve. In the process of processing, not only the cutting of the workpiece processed by the "water knife" is neat and smooth, there are no problems such as rough edges, delamination, tearing, deformation, etc., and the heat generated during the working process can be almost completely taken away by the water. At the same time, in the process of cutting, the vibration and noise caused by the “water knife” are very small, and a small amount of chips generated will flow away with the water, and there will be no flying of the chips.


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