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Waterjet accessories

  • Water filter cartridge
Water filter cartridge

Water filter cartridge

[CXS] water filter cartridge water jet cutting machine accessories
CXS water supply two rectangular parts, original manufacturers, quality assurance, welcome to consult
Water accessories sales Tel: 15950396308
Water jet cutting machine sales Tel: 15950396308
At the same time, we also sell accessories products to meet your one-stop shopping needs
Water jet sand tube gemstone series (various specifications of sand pipe, nozzle, sand stones, stone spray pipe jacket)
Water cutter head series (water switch, Maintenance Kit, pressure relief valve, cylinder, high pressure outer pipe, nozzle body, etc.)

Turbocharger series (turbocharger assembly, high pressure cylinder, plug, high pressure water seal group, one-way valve, valve core, valve pad, seal block, piston, cylinder, piston rod, etc.)

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